Taranis is an international precision ag-tech startup that offers a full stack solution for high precision aerial surveillance imagery to pre-emptively avert crop yield loss due to insects, crop disease, weeds and nutrient deficiencies.

Introducing the world’s first “air scouting” capability - the Taranis platform helps service providers, land managers, and producers monitor their fields, make informed decisions and then act on them.

Taranis combines field imagery in 3 different levels from satellite images, through plane imagery to drone leaf level imagery, and is using AI deep learning technology to recognize crop health issues.

We offer a full platform with all the necessary tools for a complete precision ag program: imagery, advanced weather forecasting, Variable Rate enabled prescriptions, scouting app, disease prediction models and more, creating the simplest and most comprehensive, in season crop monitoring system in the world.

It helps monitor each field throughout its life-cycle leveraging combinations of different imagery sources and analytics based on growth stage.

Having all the information in one place makes it easy to communicate within the team. Alternatively, visualize data with maps, reports, graphs and insights. All of your valuable historic data is saved in Taranis so you can learn from year to year, insights that could otherwise be lost. Taranis lets you detect and predict problems early on and react quickly.



The Company

Taranis is led by a founding team with deep experience in both agriculture and technology, across hardware, software, deep learning and product development. It has raised over $30m from leading VC investors. Series B Investors in the company include new lead Viola Ventures, alongside external strategics Sumitomo Corporation Europe, Nutrien and Wilbur Ellis who are joined by Series A investors Vertex Ventures and Finistere Ventures.  

Founded in 2015 by Ofir Schlam, Assaf Horowitz, Eli Bukchin and Ayal Karmi. Taranis started out by trying to solve the problems farmers face worldwide, developing advanced technologies in order to increase output in food production.

Soon after, Amichay Gornik joined the company and started developing the technologies that allow Taranis to create the unique aerial imagery that we know today.

Ofir Schlam, the CEO and co-founder, says that usually when Taranis demonstrates its services to farmers in their fields, “they’re amazed at a picture of a beetle chewing on a leaf and ask, ‘Wait a second, was that taken from a plane?’ They then call all their staff to come over and take a look.”

Taranis is built by a diverse team of agronomists, AI experts developing unique image recognition algorithms, as well as the best engineers, developers and UX experts, to create a flawless experience to all farmers using our products.

Offices Worldwide

Taranis targets high volume commodity crops (corn, cotton, sugarcane, soybean, wheat, potatoes) which account for 70% of global crop volumes and currently services large farmers in US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine and Australia. In order to better serve our clients, in all of those locations (and more) we have offices local support team comprised of agronomists, customer success and support.

Together with our world offices, we have a world class R&D center located in Tel Aviv. Where we have a unique combination of expertise, algorithm team who use deep learning and computer vision, data scientists, software developers & QA engineers, together with experts and inventors in aeronautics, optics and hardware integrations, experts in avionics, plane, drone aerial imagery operations and Fleet management, product managers, designers & user experience experts. All working together in harmony to create the best solutions for farmers worldwide.





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